Cps And Prison Service Are “Taking The Piss”

by Fighting for Justice

Kev had to appear before a court of the land on Wednesday 29 September to face indictments. Two charges of attempted murder of two prison officers and one charge of seriously wounding a third in HMP Frankland last March. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Prison Service (PS) would not let him attend court in person as he is a category A prisoner (Kevan and his brother were not allowed to attend their recent appeal for the same reason) and arranged for a video link to take place in HMP Woodhill where he is presently incarcerated.

In the morning Kev was strip searched, handcuffed to a screw and prison staff then proceeded to take him to the room for the video interview (which is part of the prison complex). He was taken outside his wing, put into a prison van, still handcuffed to a screw. The van, accompanied on each side by a screw, one with a guard dog, then proceeded at walking pace a total of 200 yards to the building where the video link was set up. Kev was removed from the van, taken to the room for interview which lasted less than five minutes as the arraignment was before a magistrates court, who had no power to deal with the case. The case was put off for one month to be heard in Newcastle Crown Court. Kev was stuck back in the van and the procedure reversed in it’s entirety.

It will take many, many months before the case will be ready to go to trial and each month Kev will have to go through the same rigmarole. This is all being done in an attempt by the prison service to portray an exaggerated risk by Kev. to mentally break him and fool the courts and the public into believing he is dangerous.

Yesterday, Thursday 30th September, Kev received written reasons as to why he is being detained in the close supervision centre. The opening paragraph said words to the effect that as Kev had got Miscarriages of Justice UK, MOJUK to set up a website to campaign for his release this was the main reason. Which is total bollocks. Kev has been in the CSC over 6 months and the website only went live last week. The setting up of the site has no connection with MOJUK.

Prison service has refused to provide Kev with a laptop, which he needs and prison rules say he can have. They say he must first upload all his legal documents including grounds for appeal, for them to check. Kev has refused to do this and will be pursuing legal advice to force the prison to provide the laptop, uncensored.

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