Kevan Thakrar And Miran Thakrar Appeal dismissed

by Fighting for Justice

While I was at HMP Wakefield from 13 to 26 March 2010 I was severely tortured.  I submitted a complaint to the Director of High Security (DHS) about this, which was intercepted by a Thomas Price, who claimed it to be a matter not suitable for Confidential Access complaint.

Disgusted with this I submitted a further complaint to the DHS which Danny McAllister actually responded to.  He told me I was mistaken and Price had said he would forward the complaint to the Wakefield governor to respond to.

After never receiving any further response, I wrote to the Prison and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) quoting paragraph 20 of their terms of reference, which allow for complaints to be accepted for investigation when a full response has not been received within six weeks.

The PPO has refused to investigate or forward my complaint back to either DHS or Wakefield’s governor.  “The Ombudsman is not willing to investigate. This complaint will simply be placed on file and will not be replied to.”

I wrote to the PPO requesting they display the HM Prison Service logo on all mail which they send out covering up Prison Service abuse.  To date I have received no response.

So it seems the ‘independent’ PPO is not permitted to investigate the torture of prisoners.  Hearing this anyone would conclude the Ministry of Justice funds both HMPS and the PPO.

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