Weapons of Mass Destruction!

by Fighting for Justice

Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Being an innocent victim of the misjustice system is hard enough without the torture I receive from the Prison Service.  Since returning to Woodhill having proven HMP Frankland staff to be racist, corrupt criminals, my treatment has become worse.  On 24 November I was subject to the first ever target search since my incarceration in 2007. This search consisted of a degrading strip-search by two men and having my cell invaded by several Prison Service personnel whilst I was exiled into another cell.

This search, authorised by The female Security Governor, came with no official paperwork or reasoning for it.  As I knew I have never had anything illegal in my cell, I was immediately of the belief that this was just being done to humiliate me.

Imagine my horror when they found it…  That’s right, my weapon of mass destruction was discovered.  My pencil, kept inside my drawer with other writing material; how on earth could they have found something hidden so well…? To make matters worse it was blunt and I had no sharpener! So they took my pencil.  How will I ever manage to draw a dangerous image capable of annihilating the universe?  If only another item could be found, one which could also be used to draw, one which could also be purchased from the canteen, one which could also be found in my drawer, one which releases ink when the tip touches paper… If only…

So it seems this was a ‘justified’ target search following their discovery…  I don’t think even Tony Blair would attempt to spin this one!

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