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by Fighting for Justice

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1/6/2011 Darby

‘Who’s guarding the guards?’

2/6/2011 Steven Battram –

Anybody who has experienced prison knows most screws have the potential to be nasty. If they’re not dog screws themselves, they know screw who are. It’s similar to the abuse programme regarding the adults with learning disabilities. None of the staff objected to the abusive behaviour of their colleagues. On this website many screws have commented they know of fellow screws who treat prisoners badly – Yet you do nothing.

2/6/2011 rod

well charles, you are right 100% it is only the tip of the iceberg. Two torture rooms at whitemoor seg behind double doors, i worked in the seg and saw many inmates beaten up by them wearing protective clothing, seg at strangeways where the full sutton lot arrived after the up rising they where beaten up by staff after shut down at 8.00pm. spare keys? falsefying prison records is common plus ghosting the inmates out after a beating, wet blue quilted blankets in the seg at frankland, my friend was painting the unit out and found a clear plastic pipe full of metal nuts in it sealed each end which they where using on inmates sadly he died shortly after he informed us, the wet blanket stops bruising. Want to know more charles as it will sicken you.

3/6/2011 Charles Hanson All Pages

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