Noble Cause Corruption

by Fighting for Justice

Paul Condon, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force describes ‘noble cause corruption’ – the breaking of rules by police officers acting, not for personal gain, but out of  an overdeveloped sense of loyalty to the job……’the majority of officers were prepared to bend the rules. I think they were prepared to massage the evidence, not for their own gain but elaborating on things that were said to make sure that the case had the strongest chance of going through to conviction.’

‘Noble cause corruption’ occurs when the police have in their custody a suspect who they are convinced is guilty but lack the evidence to prove it. In such circumstances officers would , in their own words, ‘bolster’ , ‘enhance’, ‘firm up’, ’embroider’ the evidence by inventing verbal admissions (what used to be known as verballing’) or planting incriminating evidence.

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