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by Fighting for Justice

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I was concerned to learn about the plight of Kevan Thakrar whose conviction appears to be unsafe. I would like to add my support to those calling for a review of his case and urge you to personally view the details of it at

I also wish to add my support to calls for a review of the Criminal Justice System, with reference to the following areas in particular, in order to reduce the possibility of wrongful convictions in the future.

(1)  Right of Appeal – a review of grounds of appeal, with relaxation of the requirement for, and definition of, ‘new evidence’, and automatic right of appeal in certain circumstances.

(2)  Immediate availability of all transcripts to defence teams in every case where conviction leads to a life sentence.

(3)  Disclosure; an end to the system whereby evidence can be lost, suppressed, or destroyed by police and prosecutors. More stringent legislation to ensure that defence teams, juries and judges have access to all of the evidence.

(4)  Hearsay banned from all criminal trials to bring the British courts back in line with the rest of the world.

(5)  The creation of an independent body to whom police officers, expert witnesses, and even judges become accountable.

I would also request that you forward a copy of this letter to the Justice Secretary on my behalf, and await your comments.

Yours Sincerely

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