Chris Grayling Coughs up £800 to Avoid Visit from the Bailiffs!

by Fighting for Justice

The savage beating I received resulting in the injuries many of you have see photos of, which was administered at the hands of the officers of HMP Frankland, was insufficient to satisfy their thirst to inflict pain. With the need to cause harm still burning inside the animals, they entered my cell and let out their rage on my property.Theft and destruction of whatever they felt like led the Prison and Probation Ombudsman to recommend I be given an entire £10 compensation. Obviously this was totally ridiculous when my broken clock alone was worth that much, so I took the matter to the county court.Finding fault at every stage of the complaints process, including the Ombudsman, the court ordered that an extra £814.97 be paid into my spends account within 14 days.  Happy to have finally received a fair assessment of the loss, after 14 days passed without a penny compensation being given, I decided to write to the Treasury Solicitor with a view to taking further action if necessary.The Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling is above the law, was the message between the lines in the response I received. So the next step to test Grayling’s god-like status was to send in the bailiffs!After filling in the required application and attaching the relevant evidence, I posted the court my request for an enforcement order.  Unfortunately the criminals at HMP Manchester censor’s office stole my outgoing legal letter, so whilst I sat waiting, nothing actually happened.My family contacted the court on my behalf to find out the situation and, after I told them on the phone to submit another enforcement order on my behalf, the funds magically appeared in my account.  So, although it may have been a few months late, Grayling paid up, showing contempt of court is something he will only try to get away with as long as he believes it is possible. It is a shame though – I was quite looking forward to the bailiffs going into the Ministry of Justice! Kevan Thakrar

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