Justice For Kevan Thakrar

Kev is suffering from a miscarriage of justice. He needs your help and support...

The Appeal

The registrar passed the appeal in January 2009.

The hearing for the appeal was set for June and scheduled to take 3 days but lasted just one and a half.

New evidence against the multiple hearsay used at trial, was not taken into account.

Kev was not allowed to attend the appeal or view the legal paperwork prior to the hearing.

The main point of appeal was the misidentification by Ian and Christine Jennings. The appeal court Judges failed to address this point and glossed over it, just as the CPS in their closing speech and Judge Jeremy Cooke had failed to do during the trial.

At the Appeal hearing Judge Lord Justice Stanley Burnton said “Northern Cyprus does not exist I’m afraid.  It may have all the trappings of a state but, as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t exist,”

How should it be possible that “hearsay” evidence from Northern Cyprus, a state which “does not exist” could be used at trial to convict Kev and Miran but not accepted as evidence on appeal?

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Miscarriage of Justice

The term miscarriage of justice carries with it the inference of accident but also of death. There is a pressing need to investigate in detail how it has come about that there has been a form of death in this case – the death of justice – and who shall be found responsible.

Joint Enterprise

Joint Enterprise is a charge used when prosecuting an individual proves difficult or impossible.


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