Justice For Kevan Thakrar

Kev is suffering from a miscarriage of justice. He needs your help and support...






  1. susan connolly says:

    Well done kev, your writing about the abuse and disgusting treatment that you are receiving, is not unheard. The more people that know of your situation, the better it is for the system, of which you are entombed in, to be changed. I honestly thought that the draconian behavior of hard labour died out a hundred years ago, but obviously it still goes on. Im suprised that they don.t have you breaking up rocks, or working on a chain gang. Don.t lose hope kevan, because one day, you’ll have them eating their words. I don.t know how you manage to put up with this, but obviously you’ve no choice.

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Miscarriage of Justice

The term miscarriage of justice carries with it the inference of accident but also of death. There is a pressing need to investigate in detail how it has come about that there has been a form of death in this case – the death of justice – and who shall be found responsible.

Joint Enterprise

Joint Enterprise is a charge used when prosecuting an individual proves difficult or impossible.


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Kevan Thakrar A4907AE
HMP Wakefield
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