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Kev is suffering from a miscarriage of justice. He needs your help and support...

More Abuse in the CSC

Today, Tuesday 31 July 2012, the cretinous senior officer of the Close Supervision Centre, Andy Bailey, and his minions, attempted to take advantage and manipulate the lunatic prisoner Danny Walker, into murdering me.

These fools encouraged Walker into creating a weapon, which he did, and stabbing me in the neck with it whilst unlocked together. Obviously Walker didn’t execute the plan, maybe because his weapon was 2 pencils sharpened and strapped together and he knew it wouldn’t be that simple.  But the fact remains, Bailey tried to have me assassinated.

Now that Walker and others have informed me of this, I have been forced into even further isolation ‘for my own safety’ by Bailey.  Now I can’t even move on the landing at the same time as loons like Walker.  Funny, my ‘safety’ wasn’t an issue when Walker was allowed to follow me into the interview room armed and close the door…

The cowards aren’t able to kill me with the media watching, but talking a mental patient into it seems to be their solution for my exposure of the corruption within the prison service, which will undoubtedly lead to a call for more staff needed!

For everyone reading, if anytime in the future you hear of my death within prison, please remember that it has been caused by the prison service, no matter how it may be made to look.  Unless that day comes, I will continue to reveal the evil clandestine ways of British prisons.




  1. Mags says:

    HOw given the human rights laws in this country can this behaviour be allowed. Will it take the death of this prisoner for something to be done. Safely in my work I observed this abuse against Mr Thakrar. I am astounded this is still continuing and these so called officers are are continuing this barbaric behaviour despite the latest court hearing. Good luck Kevin don’t allow them the right to ground you down. Continue to fight for your freedom and if anything does happen to you on their head be it .

  2. lisa hawkins-grant says:

    kevan, nothing shocks nor suprises me anymore when it comes to the c.s.c unit of woodhill prison. Its a disgrace and a secretive torture chamber in our country. I am writing to you, i am hoping we will see these prison officers held accountable for all they have done..and would take great pleasure in seeing them all subject to imprisoment. keep strong kevan.. dano sends his regards, we are in the process of dealing with several complaints of abuse as dano didnt have the opportunity to complain properly whilst in c.s.c and ANDY BAILEY is top of the list … peace n respect lisa hawkins-grant

  3. j colly says:

    andy bailey should be sacked a discrace to the uniform

  4. Anonymous says:

    Human Rights Observers, along with emergency services and health and safety inspectors, have rights to enter prisons 24/7/365 by order of the law, perhaps some observers should be visiting these places around the clock and seeing things unfold?

    • admin says:

      unfortunately like in most institutions most inspections are pre planned and everything looks good on the day but you are right. If they spent a whole week there I dont think they would be able to keep up appearances

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Miscarriage of Justice

The term miscarriage of justice carries with it the inference of accident but also of death. There is a pressing need to investigate in detail how it has come about that there has been a form of death in this case – the death of justice – and who shall be found responsible.

Joint Enterprise

Joint Enterprise is a charge used when prosecuting an individual proves difficult or impossible.


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