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Letter from Kevan Thakrar – Thank you for Your Solidarity


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Letter from Kevan Thakrar – Thank you for Your Solidarity
Thank you to everyone who turned out to demonstrate in my support in London outside Prison Service headquarters on 16 February and to all those who helped create the banners, flyers and advertised the event.
Since then there have been significant developments. Firstly, the attempt to have me sectioned under the Mental Health Act failed. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not something which a person can be sectioned for, so the psychiatrist refused to do the dirty work of the Close Supervision Centre Management Committee (CSCMC) and refer me to hospital.
Transfer to HMP Full Sutton segregation unit turned out to be their next attack. Greeted by a full riot squad on arrival, my treatment was never going to be good, but even I was shocked at the audacity of these discriminators who stormed my cell while I was praying, to assault me and provoke a reaction: Fortunately I did not fall into their trap; however this has only led to me being subjected to a continued and increasing level of harassment.
The problem for the CSCMC is this: I have a psychological report which stipulates that I should be returned to normal location as after five years on the CSC I do not need to remain under these conditions it goes on to say that keeping me in these environments is exacerbating my PTSD, which is disability discrimination in violation of the Equality Act. The CSCMC does not want me ever to be able to return to normal location, hence their failed attempt to have me sectioned, but they know that with this report any judge in the country will rule against them if they fail to progress me.

As they are unable to get me out of their jurisdiction, their core aim is to provoke an incident to justify my CSC status. At the same time they subject me to treatment intended to worsen my mental health in the hope of facilitating my transfer to a hospital.

They have now informed me of their intention to allocate me to the Exceptional Risk Unit in HMP Wakefield. This is the very end of the line, indefinite isolation, nobody ever leaves, except those who die of old age. During my 13-day stay at Wakefield seg back in 2010, almost the whole first week I was starved, and not a day went by without some kind of threat being made by the officers there, including extreme racial abuse.

Targeting me through the courts, I must be the only prisoner in history facing prosecution for common assault, which stems from a false allegation by an officer by the way. Wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money attempting to force through a wrongful conviction to dirty my record and bolster their other schemes, they have recruited Manchester police and the CPS to help. With legal argument due to take place on 22 May 2015 at Manchester Crown Court regarding the validity of this case, only time will tell if this prosecution actually proceeds.

I need your support now more than ever. A protest is being organised outside Manchester Crown Court on 22 May and ask for all those who can to please attend. Maybe I will hear you if you shout loud enough!

I really am in a desperate situation and the only real way out is with your support. We can stand together against this abuse and cause it to change for me and all the others who follow. The CSC system has been allowed to operate in secrecy since its creation in 1998, sending many prisoners insane. The time has come to put a stop to the ordeal. The protest on 22 May is the first real step in achieving this. I hope to see you there.


Kevan Thakrar   23rd March 2015 HMP Full Sutton


[Editors note: Kevan wrote and posted above on the 23rd March 2015 on the 24th March he was abruptly moved from HMP Full Sutton to HMP Wakefield. This was despite a pending threat of a legal challenge opposing the move from his solicitors!


MOJUK feel that the solicitors have been very slack, as of today there is still no commitment to get this into court and request the court to reverse the decision to move Kevan to HMP Wakefield.


At the very least they should have made a court application to stop the move and if refused, applied to the ECtHR for a *Rule 39 Interim measure. Even though now Kevan has been moved the chain of legal measures can still be actioned; and if necessary, Kevan can apply himself to ECtHR for a Rule 39 Interim Measure, the court would be swift to decide this and if ECtHR were to rule in Kevan’s favour; the Ministry of Justice would be compelled to move Kevan out of HMP Wakefield.]


Send mail, Messages of Solidarity/Support to:

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE, 

HMP Whitemoor

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PE15 0PR


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* European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) Requests for interim measures (Rule 39 of the Rules of Court)

By virtue of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, the Court may issue interim measures which are binding on the State concerned. Interim measures are only applied in exceptional cases. The Court will only issue an interim measure against a Member State where, having reviewed all the relevant information, it considers that the applicant faces a real risk of serious, irreversible harm if the measure is not applied.

















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