On 28th August 2007 at around 9.30pm Keith Cowell, Matthew Cowell and Tony Delieu were shot dead…

The term miscarriage of justice carries with it the inference of accident but also of death. There is a pressing need to investigate in detail how it has come about that there has been a form of death in this case – the death of justice – and who shall be found responsible.

Please help. Those who are yet to come forward and tell us what really happened in this case, Justice for Kev Thakrar may never be achieved if we do not hear from you. You may have heard someone talking about the case. You may have access to the records that with a few keystrokes would prove Kev’s innocence. It is not too late. 

Anyone who has information that may relate to this case in some way, however seemingly distant, can get in touch, or write directly to Kev.

Joint Enterprise

Joint Enterprise is a charge used when prosecuting an individual proves difficult or impossible.

It is a doctrine of common law that was developed to allow more than one person to be charged and convicted at the same time. Often used in murder cases, the doctrine does not require proof that you intended someone to die, nor that you even directly took part in their death.


The Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC stated: ‘This is a controversial and complicated area of the criminal law.’

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